New Book Reveals: How to Social Proof Your Resume so that Employers Come Crawling Out of The Woodwork to Find You!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to turn your under-performing resume into a high charged employee magnet that attracts employers, convinces them you are the perfect candidate, and get's them to want to hire you all before you say "hello".

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Sell Yourself With Linkedin

    Linkedin is the #1 professional networking site in the world…period! Chapter 5 discusses how to use Linkedin in conjunction with your resume, an chapter 6 shows you how to build up your professional recommendations. Recommendations are like online testimonials about you. It’s important to have them. This chapter discusses the difference between “offline” and “online” references and how to get them for maximum social proof.

  • The "Ultimate" Qualifications Statement

    Chapter 3 is where we talk about your need for having a qualifications statement. Simply put a qualifications statement is a statement that speaks to how you qualify for a job. Many people use an “objective” statement in their resume and this is what you don’t want to do! Read this chapter to understand what “type” of qualifications statement you need when you decide to write one and where it should come from.

  • Killer References

    Let’s face it! All the perfect technical writing, education, and accolades of your career all are worthless if you have poor references. Chapter 4 – Social Proofing with References discusses how references in general give you credibility in your skills. Once you understand the next step is to connect your readers to your references. This chapter shows you how!

Free Links, Videos, and Resources Included With Purchase!

Free Custom Videos to Help You Out Even More!

Your success is important to us so we've included custom "how-to" video links which are embedded inside the eBook. Below are some of the videos you have access to for FREE!

  • Instructional Video regarding the Qualifications Statement (Purpose & Examples)
  • Instruction Video on how to find your job online the quickest and easiest way!
  • Instructional Video on how to modify the resume template which is included to get you started fast!
  • Instructional video on how to write a compelling cover letter that draws attention!
  • Special interview video of a friend of mine who discusses how he used linkedin by using "blurbs" to land a job when he was unemployed (30 mins.)


Content Files Downloads for  Fast Start!

Also included in this eBook are links to the following editable documents to help you get your resume and cover letter up and running as soon as possible so that you can start applying to jobs online.

  • Our exclusive resume template file in Word Doc format (Instructional video included)
  • Our exclusive cover letter template file in Notepad text format (Instructional video included)
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