10 Steps to a Perfect Resume

In this article we will look at the fastest way to get a job by learning how to social proof your resume.  I have given you 10 Steps to a perfect resume.

Social proofing your resume means that you will take the “authority” of others (i.e. recommendations, reviews, and referrals) and “attach” it to your resume.

Social proofing your resume is the best way to get the respect your resume needs and ultimately the interview and job you need!

Before we begin you will need the following:

  • Your professional resume in text or word format
  • The websites of your past employers
  • A PDF converter like NitroPDF that allows hyperlinks to show once your print to pdf
  • A LinkedIn account

Note: This will work for any type of resume for any type of profession.

If you do not have your resume written yet you can use my resume template here.

Step 1: Signup for LinkedIn if you haven’t already

Step 2: Update your LinkedIn profile until it says it is 100% complete

Step 3: Try and get recommendations from your friends (hint give your friends recommendations first)

Step 4: Get your LinkedIn profile address (should look like http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname)

Step 5: Past your LinkedIn profile address below your name and address on your resume (see the resume template for an example)

Step 6: For each of your employers hyper link the name of your employer so that if someone clicks the link it will launch a web browser and it will go to that website

Note: You can hyperlink to product pages if you want to elaborate your skills or reference something a new employer may not know much about

Step 7: Download and Install NitroPDF

Step 8: Save your resume and reopen it again.

Step 9: Print to PDF format. You should see NitroPDF icons in your word processor to print to pdf (Word works best).

Step 10: Save and rename your resume your name + resume +2012 (i.e. “Jay Smith 2012 Resume”)

Once your new pdf resume is complete be sure to find available jobs then email your pdf resume to employers along with a good cover letter. Once you get the interview be sure to follow our “Do’s and don’ts during the interview process“.

Good luck.


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