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Welcome to Resume Elite

Welcome to Resume Elite – The proven Unfair Advantage to Landing the Job! Resume Elite is a promotional resume writing system designed to give you the edge in landing your next job. This system is delivered to you online by ebook and video. It is a self-paced course that provides you all the tools to…

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Job Search Tips Using

Job Search Tips Using   [yframe url=’’]   Search for Jobs Here!

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Resume Writing Services Review

In the video below I discuss how to find and determine what resume writing service is best for you. Some of these criteria are based on price, reviews, turn-around times, reputation, and overall value. [yframe url=’’] To download the slides in this presentation please click the pdf download link below. [membership_download_item_pdf link=”” + target=”_self”]Resume Writing…

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Resume Writing Skills

In the video below I discuss the importance of resume writing skills and how having this skill can actually help you in other areas of your writing such as business letters and internal communications at work (i.e. memos and emails). [yframe url=’’] To download the slides to this video in pdf please click the download…

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Writing an objective for a resume

Writing an objective for a resume In the video below we discuss the reasons a person would want to write an objective for a resume. [yframe url=’′] There are many reasons to write an objective for a resume but for our purposes of social proofing your resume I recommend using a “qualifications” statement instead. Below…

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10 Steps to a Perfect Resume

In this article we will look at the fastest way to get a job by learning how to social proof your resume.  I have given you 10 Steps to a perfect resume. Social proofing your resume means that you will take the “authority” of others (i.e. recommendations, reviews, and referrals) and “attach” it to your…

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CV Resume Writing

In the following video I summarize what CV writing is and what is a cv resume. [yframe url=’’] To learn more about this cv resume template or to download this resume template example go here!

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Protected: Resume Template Thank you Page

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