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A few years ago I was in need of a job and I was sending out dozens of resumes and cover letters in hopes of getting a job.

For a long time nobody would call or contact me.

I was applying to jobs all over the place both in my home state and outside my home state.

Eventually I got a job.

But the process was exhausting.

I decided to put together my notes  in a “file”  (the steps that led me to success) in case I would need them again in the future.

Anyways years passed and I was in need of a job again so I pulled out my notes and I tried to  duplicate my winning strategy.

Guess what? It worked and I got a call for an interview right away!

More years passed and I need another job.

And worked..and worked quickly..

I admit part of my success was due to how I wrote my resume and distributed it.

[testimonial1_arial author=””]“You don’t have to get it. But it works!.”[/testimonial1_arial]

This process I turned into an ebook entitled “Resume Elite – The Proven Unfair Advantage To Landing The Job“.

You can buy it here for full price at $97 or you can get a subscriber discount ($19) after downloading this cover letter template.

It’s up to you. You don’t have to get it. But it works!

Anyway ..

I shared my resume writing and promotion system with close friends (and girlfriends) to see if it would work for them too..and it did!

I guess here is where I should leave a disclaimer..

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person based on effort.

Hopefully this cover letter template and cover letter system (instructions included) will help you get more interviews and ultimately the job you need or want? You may not believe it will work. But if you are not having luck with your way(s) then maybe try this out and see?


In the video above I discuss my unique way of writing a cover letter. 

I call it “my amazing cover letter system”.

[testimonial1_arial author=””]“The idea is simple..”[/testimonial1_arial]

The idea is simple.

Use this coverletter template for (2) two types of jobs.

  • In-State Jobs
  • Out-of-state Jobs

Why do these coverletter templates work?

They are short and to the point. (Critical)

  1. You tell them what you’re about without having to say it so boldly. i.e. “shares my interest of integrity, growth, and results.” Companies want to trust their employees! This line shows you can be trusted and are results oriented.
  2. The cover letter is meant to be “casual.” It is an icebreaker. Notice there Is NOTHING about where you came from (experience) or what you have done! This will be a mind bender for most people in this system to get used to.
  3. Personalizes the experience. Come across as if you’re just a plain old guy or girl just making a friend whom just happens to hold one of the keys to your next job.

What is the goal here?

There are three objectives here:

  1.  Seem like a “likeable” and “positive” person.
  2. Get the “Gatekeeper” to read your resume.
  3. To remove pressure to call you. (They will on their own time).


TIP! Try and get the name of the person that will be receiving your cover letter. This can be achieved by calling the company and asking the switchboard for the name (and spelling) of the Human Resources Director. So instead of “Greeting!” you would start off with, “Dear Mr. Smith:” (or whatever their name is).


If you can NOT get the name of the company representative that will be receiving your Cover Letter, Resume, and References then simply use, “Greetings!” instead of “Dear. Mr. Smith,”

TIP! Do NOT use the Phrase “To Whom It May Concern!” This is too generic!


TIP! Include your references every time with your resume. Make the process easy for the recruiter. One less question or request to you is one less obstacle between you and the job!


TIP! Make it clean and “modern” use font size 12, Arial. (That is the same font and size you see on this page.)


TIP! Do NOT use Parenthesis for telephone numbers. Instead of (451) 353-1212 Use this format INSTEAD -> 451.353.1212

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