Chapter 15: Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Chapter:15 Interview Do’s & Don’ts

“Subsequent to those interviews, some of the things that he had previously told us during our first initial contact with him … required us to look deeper into his alibi,”  –Rick Dinse


You would be surprised at some of the things people would say and do at an interview as well as how they look.


You must treat your interview time with respect.


This means you must “project” humility.


Humility means respect. It means to show up early to your interview. Smile. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be gracious. Shake hands. Say, “thank you.”


Below are some additional Do’s and Don’ts: (Take this with you and review before your interview)


The DOs!


  • Show up 15 minutes early and announce yourself with the secretary or HR or security in some cases
  • Where a Suit and Tie
  • SMILE!
  • Have A Nice Haircut
  • Shave
  • Take A Shower
  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Eat A Breath Mint but swallow it before meeting your interviewer
  • Where BLACK socks
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Avoid Roaming Eyes
  • Give A Firm Handshake
  • Keep Your Hands in Your Lap When NOT talking
  • Avoid Slang
  • Bring 10 Copies Of Your Resume
  • Bring 10 Copies Of Your References
  • Use Humor (not too much!)
  • Thank the interviewer for seeing you (before AND after)
  • Study the basics of the company. Who is the GM? President? Director of HR? Size of company.
  • Stay Professional Always
  • Stay cool.
  • Stay calm.
  • Control your breathing.
  • Take Notes
  • Did I say SMILE!!



  • Be annoying!
  • Curse
  • Say ANYTHING bad about ANYBODY!
  • Say ANYTHING bad about your ex bosses even though they might have been jerks
  • Chew gum or candy
  • Flirt With Interviewer
  • Lean over the interviewers desk
  • Talk Too Much!
  • Smell Bad
  • Don’t wear too much perfume or cologne
  • Make fun of the interviewer or anything bad about his office or company
  • Show up late
  • Cancel
  • Assume anything. You got the job when you are filling out your W-4’s! (-;
  • Wear Sandals
  • Do Drugs


TIP! Try to Be Relaxed AND Intense. Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously!

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