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Please click the link below to download the Resume Elite Resume Template.

Click the download button below to download the Resume Elite Resume Template in Word format.

This is the same resume template described in the video above.

Feel free to download the resume template below and edit the template to your own needs.

The Resume Template has five (5) main parts to it (all described in the video above).

Section 1: The Header Section

Resume Example Header

The following components make up a good resume header section:

  • Your full name
  • Your home address
  • Your mobile telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your vanity url

Section 2: The Qualifying Statement Section

Resume Qualifications Statement

The resume qualification statement is meant for you to give a one sentence statement describing how you are qualified to do the job. As mentioned in the How to Write  a Resume video above it is best to use this as an opportunity to paste an actual third party testimonial statement from someone who knows you. The resume qualifications statement should highlight the following attributes of your persona if possible:

  • Your work ethic
  • Your people skills (team work, customer service, team building, etc)
  • Your ability to learn
  • Your ability to lead (if applicable)

Section 3: The Work History Section

Resume Work History Example

The work history section in the Resume Elite template is slightly unique than lets say other resume templates. The main differences are:

  • The dates of employment and city/state are aligned to the right side of the resume on the same lines are the name of the company and your previous position which are aligned on the left side of the resume.
  • There is a “descriptive” line inserted between your ex-employer’s name and your previous position
There are also some “standard” parts to the “Work History” section of this resume template and should be considered no matter what resume template you end up using. Some of these things you will want included on  your cv resume are as follows:
  • Using adverbs that are results oriented
  • Using bullet points
  • Using short descriptive sentences

Section 4: The Education Section

Resume Work Education Header Example

The education section on this resume template example is pretty straight forward. Some slight differences to a typical resume might be as follows:

  • Including any high school appointments (i.e. valedictorian, school president, student council)
  • Including (or excluding) dates of graduation

Section 5: The Skills/Award/Training Section

Resume Skills Training Header Example

As mentioned in the video above the “Skills/Award/Training section is an overlooked and underestimated part of a persons resume. So much so that people ignore it entirely. But I believe it helps differentiate you from your competition especially since it helps describe your character in more color and focus.

The benefits of having this section at the bottom of your cv resume are as follows:

  1. They serve as additional “personal” talking points (which are good during interviews)
  2. They highlight past positions and roles you could not otherwise mention in the other sections of your resume
  3. You are able to highlight specific job tools, software programs, training, ad the like that may be important to the job.
Remember. Your resume has only one (1) focus and (1) goal for you – the applicant. And that purpose is to get you the interview.
However, just as important as it is to get you the interview it is equally important to make sure that your resume was able to give a positive emotional response to you as the person. To that effectively you will need to social proof your resume!




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